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Indoor Kid-Friendly Fun

For kids, NEPA winters mean only one thing – getting the most out of those random days off. Whether it’s due to snow, federal holidays or a mutually-agreed-upon, family mental health break, NEPA has tons of indoor fun for those long days when the kids are off.

Odds are, this time of year, you’ll be taking some time to entertain your little darlins’ at home.

Don’t get bogged down by the monotony of the same cartoon theme song over and over again. You’ve all been blessed with some precious, guilt-free time off. You owe it to yourself to make the most of it. NEPA’s got tons of cool, day-off-from-school amenities. Trust us. You’ll never look at snow days or federal holidays the same way again.

Where else can you wear the silliest shoes known to man and feel completely normal?

Add a little playful competition to your day off.

Stop by one of these local bowling centers and start a new snow day tradition. Slip on those shiny shoes, pick out that perfect ball and aim for anything but the gutter. And when the kids are done kicking your butt, treat them to a classic bowler’s meal of pizza, fries and a coke. Keep in mind that many local bowling alleys offer special snow day and winter holiday deals.

Just because school is out doesn’t mean you don’t have to use your brain.

Just hear me out… we’re going to lock you in a room… with your kids…and you’ll have a blast!

It’s time to see if all that homework is going to pay off. You’ll have your wits tested like never before at one of NEPA’s popular escape rooms. See if you can solve the mysterious riddles and find the hidden clues to beat the clock and get out. Just don’t forget – teamwork makes the dream work.

If you take learning and put this funny little mask on it, they’ll never suspect a thing.

Electric City Trolley Station and Museum - Scranton - DiscoverNEPA

Make those teachers misty-eyed and lose yourselves for a day in a local museum or library.

You never know what you’re going to find when you give a library just a little of your time. Discover great new books. Explore your family’s genealogy. Participate in a craft class. The possibilities are truly endless. The same goes for NEPA’s incredible museums. They’re free, or at least very affordable, and they are specifically designed with children in mind.

Pick an appropriate movie, load em’ up with Milk Duds, and take a long peaceful nap.

So, it’s not that acclaimed period drama you’ve been dying to see, but there will be silly jokes, cute characters and universal themes that will inexplicably leave you in tears.

Plus, you get to enjoy the tranquility of a dark theater and the warmth of a fresh bucket of buttery popcorn in your lap. For nearly two hours, the kids will be happy and content while you contemplate whether or not you defrosted the roast for dinner… oh who cares? Snow days extend all day. Pick up a pizza on the way home.

Our Events Calendar is bursting at the seams with fun events for the whole family.

Go for a family swim. Spend a day playing games, or craft to your heart’s content.

You won’t have to look far for fun, family activities and events during days off this winter. There are plenty of awesome things to do in NEPA all winter long. You just need to know where to look. Check back often with our comprehensive events calendar to find those cool, indoor swimming pools, carnivals, shows, crafts and so much more.

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