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Health Sciences Grads Healing NEPA Communities – Lackawanna College Corner

We’re partnering with the faculty, staff and students at Lackawanna College in Scranton to bring you a unique perspective on all things NEPA and to illustrate the college’s strong ties to the region it so proudly calls home.

Stay tuned to this space every other month for academic program updates, campus events and NEPA connections from our proud Lackawanna College Falcons.

Lackawanna College Health Sciences Grads Healing NEPA Communities


Connecting the classroom to the community.

Whether it’s a broken leg from a fall mountain biking, a sprained wrist from tennis, or a painful knee from trail running, summer brings both an increase in activity in NEPA and, inevitably, an increase in injuries. Have you ever thought about how many people it takes to care for you when you need medical help and what their schooling entails?  Odds are, if you’ve visited a hospital or clinic in NEPA, you’ve received care from a Lackawanna College Division of Health Sciences graduate!



If you took that steep turn too fast, fell off of your mountain bike, and fractured your leg, you’ll need to head to the emergency room for care.  The medical assistant will take your vitals in the Emergency Room. A nurse will administer pain medication. And a sonographer will perform a scan an ensure you have not damaged any vital organs in your tumble.  Maybe a phlebotomist will take your blood to run labs to prep you for surgery. Then, a surgical technologist will assist with the procedure. Follow up rehabilitation will require the skills of a physical therapist assistant and occupational therapy assistant to get you back on your feet and back on the bike.

Any or all of these professionals may have been trained by Lackawanna College’s many healthcare-related programs of study.



Not only does Lackawanna College offer degrees in all of these professions, but the programs collaborate to teach students about the importance of working together in the healthcare team. Helping students understand their role and the role of their peers improves communication and teamwork that leads to better patient care in the clinic. Lackawanna College prepares students with the knowledge and skills necessary to care for patients in a variety of ways. The college offers certificate programs, associate degree programs, and even bachelor’s degree programs that can be completed by practitioners who can continue working in their field while advancing their expertise.



Students at Lackawanna College are taught using cutting edge technologies, such as the Anatomage 3D Virtual Dissection Table and high-definition simulation mannequins.  They also complete internships in their field of study as part of their schooling, so they get experience in their fields before graduation.

So, get out there, NEPA! Stay adventurous. Lackawanna College Division of Health Science graduates are ready to care for any bumps, bruises, or breaks along the way!

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