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Go For a Walk

Yes. You’re Allowed to Get Out of the House.


Go ahead. Get some fresh air, stretch those legs and relieve a little of that stress.

Suddenly, everything’s changed — our work lives, our social lives. We’ve even changed the way we communicate with family. For those selflessly practicing safe social distancing and emotionally taxing self-isolation, we thank you. We salute you. And, we hope you understand that, because of your collective efforts and your devotion to your friends, family, neighbors and strangers, these difficult times will soon be a memory.

That said, there’s still one more, very important person we need you to take care of – you. In times of crisis, self-care is the foundation block of recovery, family health and overall community wellness.



Today, more than ever, it is imperative to maintain your physical and emotional well-being. And the best method for accomplishing that is avoiding stress. I know, it’s easier said than done these days. But, let’s try this: turn off the news; take a break from social media. You’ll make it a few hours without Baby Yoda memes. Trust me. Now put on those old sneakers or hiking boots and step outside.

Staying home doesn’t mean staying indoors. Go ahead. Get out there and soak up some of that springtime sun.


Just Remember to Follow the Rules


— Avoid Contact with Others

— Avoid Crowds

— Avoid Using Public Transportation, Ride Shares, Taxis…etc.

— Maintain Recommended Social Distance of at least 6 feet

— Wash Your Hands Regularly, Frequently and Often

— Cover Your Coughs and Sneezes

— Avoid Touching Your Face

— Stay Home if You’re Feeling Sick (and monitor yourself using these guidelines)

— No Play Dates (applies to children and adults)


And, As You Head Out, Consider the Following:


Fresh Air is on Everyone’s Mind — If You See a Full Lot, Consider Another Spot

Pack In/Pack Out — Trash Services At Many Parks or Trail Lots May be Delayed or Suspended Entirely

Go before You Go — Do Not Expect to Find Operating Restrooms

Think Safe – Avoid Risk / Avoid injury / Avoid Adding Stress to Medical Systems and Personnel

Social Distance – A Nod and a Smile Says it All


A Little Dose of Nature Goes A Long Way



Lucky for us, Northeastern Pennsylvania is home to miles upon miles of soul-refreshing forests. We’ve got thousands of pristine, clear mountain lakes and streams. There are vistas overlooking ancient valleys and mighty rivers carving through green hillsides. Trails abound with the promise of fresh air, a little bit of quiet and more stress-relieving scenery than you can ever imagine. All you have to do is step outside.

We’ve gathered up a dozen great hikes from all over NEPA. Take a look.

A Dozen Great Hikes:

  • Frost Hollow Trail

    Lackawanna State Park

    This 2.6-mile hike delivers on both tranquility and a little sweat-inducing hill climbing. Enjoy lake views and long stretches of quiet forest.

    Learn More >

  • Woodland Way Trail

    Nescopeck State Park

    This easily-accessible trail winds through dense forest, up and down moderate hills and along a seemingly hidden swamp. Look for turtles, frogs and beavers.

    Learn More >

  • Black Diamond Trailhead

    The D&L Trail — Wright Twp.

    This moderate, 9.2-mile trail features a crushed gravel terrain, a wide berth and a steep grade. It weaves along bogs, wetlands and thick forests.

    Learn More >

  • Thomas Darling Preserve Loop Trail

    Thomas Darling Preserve

    Keep an eye out for wildlife on this 2.2-mile loop trail through one of the largest spruce forests and one of the most scenic nature preserves in the Pocono Mountains.

    Learn More >

  • Falls Trail (Lower End from 118 to Waters Meet)

    Ricketts Glen State Park

    Walk along a clear, rolling stream and a few waterfalls on the lower half of the famous Falls Trail at this gorgeous state park in Benton.

    Learn More >

  • Lakeside Trail

    Tobyhanna State Park

    The 5-mile, Lakeside Trail winds its way around the beautiful, scenic Tobyhanna Lake at this popular state park in the heart of the Poconos.

    Learn More >

  • Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

    30 Trailheads throughout Lackawanna County

    Hop on the bike, go for a run, or take an easy stroll on this easily accessible, hiker and cyclist-friendly trail spanning nearly all of Lackawanna County.

    Learn More >

  • The Green Loop

    Bear Creek Preserve

    This 2.1-mile loop trail carries you through dense forests of Mountain Laurel and along a cool, clear waterfall. And if you’re vigilant, you might even spot a bald eagle.

    Learn More >

  • Lehigh Gorge Trail

    Lehigh Gorge State Park

    Enjoy the sights and sounds of the rolling whitewater of the Lehigh River along this mostly flat, easily walkable, 26-mile trail stretching from White haven to Jim Thorpe.

    Learn More >

  • Spirit of Tuscarora Trail

    Tuscarora State Park

    Look for the legendary Spirit Tree on this 4.5-mile trail. The path carries you along Tuscarora Lake, through a wetland meadow and stunning old Hemlock forests.

    Learn More >

  • Wetland Trail

    Salt Springs State Park

    Be on the lookout for industrious beavers and bring your birding binoculars for a walk on this diverse and secluded trail through one of NEPA’s most tranquil state parks.

    Learn More >

  • Blueberry Trail

    Dick and Nancy Eales Nature Preserve at Moosic Mountain

    Bring the camera along to this roughly 4-mile, photogenic mountain top trail in Jessup. The trail’s wide-open terrain offers unreal sunrise and sunset views.

    Learn More >

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