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Galen Glen Winery

Acres of Rural Beauty Meet Bottle After Bottle of Delicious NEPA Wine


Nature and science come together to create some of NEPA’s finest, award-winning wines.

Nearly two centuries of responsible and sustainable farming have left this gorgeous, landscape ripe for producing the most delicate of grapes. Galen Glen Winery in Andreas rests on a bucolic hilltop overlooking acre upon acre of rural NEPA scenery. The winery’s own 20-acre, hillside vineyard contributes to the stunning view.

This is a place where you experience wine where it was grown. Enjoy tastings as you overlook the pristine, manicured vineyard. Chat with harvesters and the winemakers as you sample your way through over 20 varieties. Grab a seat on the terrace, in the pavilion, or hang out in the tasting room. You’re even welcome to bring your own snacks.



With wines for just about every taste, there’s a little something for everyone. Delight in a bold Cabernet. Allow a bubbly Rose’ to dance along the palate. Or, simply enjoy the crisp sweetness of one of their popular Rieslings. Just be sure to take in that amazing 20-mile view while doing so.

We stopped in to taste a few wines on a perfect, sunny afternoon. And, of course, we brought our camera along. Take a look:

Courtney Snyder

About the Photographer

Courtney Snyder

Originally from Williamsport, Courtney is a 2019 Marywood grad. She enjoys discovering the often-overlooked beauty of NEPA, making clean Jeeps dirty, and cuddling with her chunky cat, Marley.

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