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FSA Service Spotlight: Employee Assistance Program

Since 1895, Family Service Association of NEPA has helped local children, individuals, families and communities achieve their full potential. In honor of their 125th anniversary, this nonprofit organization will share the stories behind their services. Join us every month to learn more about their diverse programs and how you can support their vision of building resilient families and thriving communities—one person at a time.

Finding the Right Balance in the Workplace

Employment is important; however, we know that at times, personal situations can affect an individual’s career. Many employers, though, do not want to risk the loss of an employee and subsequent loss of productivity and revenue.

At Family Service Association of Northeastern Pennsylvania (FSA), we contract with several local businesses to offer the Employee Assistance Program, which provides counseling, crisis intervention and critical incident responses at their companies during difficult situations.

An Employee Assistance Program is a simple benefit that employers can offer, which would be the first step to addressing the mental health of their employee. This past year has been even more difficult due to anxiety related to COVID-19, remote work, isolation, financial difficulties and more. As companies have begun the transition back into brick-and-mortar office space, many people struggle with the return and are finding themselves in need of a helping hand – and ear.

A basic contract with FSA’s Employee Assistance Program can consist of three to six counseling sessions per employee, paid for by the company. These sessions will help the employee learn and develop coping skills to manage their mental health.

There are many benefits to both the employee and business when they have access to a professional in FSA’s program. First, the employee’s mental health becomes a priority, which improves their overall well-being in the workplace, improves conflict resolution and increases their chances of advancement within their career. For an employer, there is a decrease in absenteeism, tardiness, conflict, health issues, accidents and employee turnover.

An additional benefit to our Employee Assistance Program is critical incident response. A trained counselor will respond to the workplace to meet with employees if a company is facing a difficult transition or has experienced a crisis that has affected their employees. The goal is twofold: ensure employees are able to continue working while facing the situation, and determine if members of the workforce need additional counseling to talk through and address the issue further.

In the past, FSA’s counselors have responded to companies who have lost employees due to suicide, homicide or workplace violence.

Investing in the mental health of employees is a sound investment in the long-term success of every business as well. It is worth the conversation. Adding these options for employees can benefit everyone who is involved in the situation. In addition, a business shows it cares when it offers an extra benefit to aid employees when they are struggling with the challenges life delivers on an almost daily basis.

For more information about the programs and services FSA offers, including counseling and the Employee Assistance Program, please call the nonprofit at (570) 823-5133 or visit our website.

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