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Fall Outdoor Adventures

Autumn never fails to remind us just how lucky we are to live in NEPA.

The Scenery Simply Cannot Be Matched

The temperature is just perfect and the cool breeze welcomes you outdoors where so much fall fun awaits.



One of the best ways to take in all of the natural splendor of the season is on the water.

With all of NEPA’s beautiful mountains, lakes and rivers, finding somewhere to launch a canoe or kayak couldn’t be any easier. Head out to the Poconos for a paddle on Lake Wallenpaupack or the Lehigh River. From the Endless Mountains to Bloomsburg’s rural lowlands, you can peacefully drift down the Susquehanna River. Or you can always fill a raft with all of your friends and battle the roaring whitewater from White Haven to Jim Thorpe.

Just don’t forget how quickly fall hurries along. Soon, a day on the water will mean something completely different (cough…Ice Fishing …cough). So, fill up that thermos, pack an extra pair of warm socks and make your way to the water. Check out NEPA’s best places to launch one last whitewater adventure.

Get A Close-Up Look At The Fall Foliage


Zip lining offers a uniquely mesmerizing thrill.

Someday, someone looked up and thought, “Pennsylvania sure does have some beautiful trees. We should connect a wire between them and ride it for fun.”

And from that day forward, adventurers, young and old alike, have been zipping and screaming through NEPA’s forests. It’s become such a popular outdoor activity that you can hardly travel through NEPA without stumbling upon a zip lining site.

And it doesn’t all have to be high-flying, high speed adventures. In many instances, at the same places where you find zip lining, you’ll also find tree-top ropes courses. We’ve pulled together some of the popular tree-top adventure sites in NEPA.

Roll Through The Leaves And The Mud


It’s very likely that the most reliable way to truly experience fall is to run around, get dirty and reclaim the joy of your childhood.

Do you remember rushing outside after school to squeeze in at least a few hours of play time before dinner? You came home with the smell of fallen leaves and freshly stamped grass all over your clothes. Your cool skin tingled a bit as it met the warmth of the kitchen.

These are the scents and memories of fall that we just can’t get from a five-dollar latte. They existed in a time and place that we’ve long forgotten because someone told us that such was the order of life.

And that’s precisely why we have paintball and mountain bikes and… horses. It’s the reason we fly through giant puddles of mud on quads and dirt bikes. Deep down, we understand that life was so much more fun when we weren’t afraid to get a little dirty. Go! Put on some old jeans, get out there and have some fun.

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