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Fall Hiking Trails

Get Outside! Soon it will be – (No. I won’t say it!)

Sure, it’s a little cooler, but late autumn in NEPA is awesome, and it’s all about three things:

Fall Hikes, Crockpots and Blankets!

So, you’ve got the heat turned on. You’re comfy and warm. The weekends now welcome a little laziness. Why not just spend the day on the couch? After all, it is getting a little too cold out there.

Nonsense. Get up early. Pull out that recipe box and throw some spicy chili or Mom’s chicken noodle soup in the crockpot. Let it cook low and slow.

Gear up. Put on some warm clothes (long underwear recommended). Dig out your thickest, warmest socks. Lace up your boots and grab that knitted hat.

It’s fall. The air is cool, crisp and refreshing. Many have given up and stayed inside today, but you’re going for a bike ride. You are going to take some unbelievable pics of waterfalls. Bring your pup and take a leisurely stroll along the lake. Bring the kids and hit the slides and swings along your hike. Pack a thermos and a sandwich and enjoy a cool weather picnic.

And don’t forget. When you get home — with your chilly, runny nose and frozen fingertips — there’s a big, warm pot of love in the kitchen, and your softest, coziest blanket is right where you left it… on the couch.


Stay close or go for a long drive. It doesn’t matter.


There are so many beautiful parks in NEPA, you can try a different one every weekend.

Whether you choose to take a long walk beside the peaceful Susquehanna River, or venture off into the hills for a stroll around a pristine mountain lake, our Local, State and National Parks are open for business. And we’ve gathered a list of some of the best.

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