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Celebrate Small-Batch Spirits at NEPA’s Craft Distilleries

Add a Local Twist to Your High-Test Hooch at NEPA’s Craft Distilleries


Northeastern Pennsylvania enters the craft spirits revolution one small batch at a time.

If you’ve been following along, you’d know by now that NEPA kind of has a thing for craft beverages. Hit the road in any direction and you’ll find your way to a craft brewery, a homegrown winery, or cidery. And if you’re looking for the secret sauce, just ask any one of these craft liquid creators and they’re likely to reply will the same, simple answer — it’s the water.

That’s right. It’s an indisputable fact that Northeastern Pennsylvania has great water. And with great water comes an even greater responsibility — transforming it into whiskey, or vodka, or… well, pick your poison, I guess. Throughout NEPA’s mountain towns and valley villages, a quiet, craft spirits revolution has been fermenting. And we’ve got 6 small batch distilleries right here in our backyard.

NEPA Craft Distilleries

Each tasty sip sings that familiar NEPA song of rugged independence.

In old garages, abandoned airport hangars, festive brewpubs and remnants of the Reconstruction Era, stills bubble away. Local distillers concoct their own designs on classic favorites, like moonshine, rum, bourbon and gin. You’ll find flavored vodkas and smooth, aged whiskeys. Many distilleries offer unique tasting rooms where you can sample a flight, or take a quick tour. Some, even, mix their spirits right up into incredible cocktails on the spot. And, of course, you can always grab a bottle or two to go.



NEPA’s innovative distillers are shortening the distance from grain to glass. They’re keeping it local, stacking up awards and giving top shelf staples a run for their money. Keep your eye on these blue-collar craft spirits conjurors. Stop in for a taste. And, next time you need to add a bottle to your stash, forgo that weekend sojourn to the state store.

Get out there and explore NEPA’s independent craft distilleries.

Wet your Whistle at these NEPA Craft Distilleries:

  • Barley Creek Brewing Company

    Tannersville, PA

    This popular craft brewery in the heart of the Pocono Mountains goes a step beyond beer with a full line of craft spirits. Their 50-gallon hillbilly still cranks out rum, vodka, gin, whiskey and delicious, flavored moonshine.

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  • Insurrection Distillery

    Lehighton, PA

    Get your grain-to-glass fix at this historic hooch hot spot in Lehighton. Enjoy tasting flights and inspired cocktails from their unique line of hand-crafted rum, vodka and whiskey. And don’t miss their fan favorite, Firewater Moonshine.

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  • LBC Distillery

    Nanticoke, PA

    Pennsylvania’s smallest distillery fills big shoes with an incredible selection of award-winning spirits. Stop by this marvel of space management and sip on their NEPA favorite, Coffee Vanilla Vodka,or Dulcis Piscis, a Swedish Fish vodka.

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  • Mountain View Vineyard | Winery, Brewery & Distillery

    Stroudsburg, PA

    Take in the picturesque Pocono view along with a tasting flight or hand-crafted cocktail at this multi-faceted winery, brewery and distillery in Stroudsburg. Enjoy small batch whiskey, flavored vodka, brandy and signature moonshine.

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  • Silverback Distillery

    East Stroudsburg, PA

    Stock up on award-winning whiskey, vodka and gin at this airport hangar-turned distillery and tasting room in East Stroudsburg. The mother-daughter-run hooch house also offers high proof moonshine and convenient bottle bundle packs.

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  • Sorrenti Family Estate

    Saylorsburg, PA

    Lose yourself in the sprawling scenery at this vineyard, winery and distillery in Saylorsburg. The winery features a line of hand-crafted, fruit flavored moonshines. Stop in for a tasting, or moonshine-inspired cocktails.

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