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Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co.

Globally Sourced, Locally Roasted


A coffee experience.

Honesdale’s Main Street may very well be laying the blueprint for what some might call a modern small-town renaissance. And at the heart of it all lingers the aroma of freshly roasted coffee beans snaking out of stovepipes and cracks in an almost ancient brickwork. The source – Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Company, a post-consumer-ish, Industrial-punk-ish coffee shop and communal hub.



Cultivate joy through coffee.

This nearly three-year-old shop has made itself quite a home in Northeastern Pennsylvania. And it’s not just another coffee joint. In fact, Black & Brass defies what may be described as the typical model. The coffee is pure, organically grown and responsibly sourced from the world’s greatest coffee growing regions. The beans are roasted in the shop, and only steps from the long table where guests gather. All told, considering quality, time and effort, from bean to cup, this coffee should set you back near $20, but that’s just not their way here.



“We give more than we take.”

There is an old, proud style of workmanship going on here. It lies in a heap of travel-weary burlap sacks, pregnant with recently picked coffee beans and piled near the roaster. It scars the faded bricks on the walls of this old tractor supply store and the DIY counters and tables and mish mash of worn, yet comfy chairs. At Black & Brass there is an understanding, or perhaps an agreement between the coffee, the means of production and the thirsty consumer. It seems to say, we work hard for ours, and we know you work hard for yours, so let’s make this fair. In sum, you’d be hard pressed to find any item on the menu over five dollars.



Bricks, beans and brass.

It’s that simple. This is a coffee person’s coffee shop. The industrial brick walls offer a calming, insulating quiet. The mostly secondhand couches and chairs welcome with an air of familiarity. You’ve known this chair—somewhere, at some point in your life. A massive blackboard delivers little more than twenty simple choices. You’ll find local milk and cream on the counters. Local art adorns the walls. And local smiles greet you from every corner.

Black & Brass embodies Honesdale. It’s a warm and comforting place to hide during a Pocono winter. And when the weather warms, it’s a cool café with outdoor tables, umbrellas, music, and that alluring smell of a fresh brew.



A coffee community.

Sure, your quest for that perfect cup of coffee is a good enough reason to visit Black & Brass Coffee Roasting Co., but there’s so much more going on here. It just might be worth it to plop down on the couch and get comfy.

Aside from delicious coffee, tea, espresso drinks and hot chocolate, Black & Brass also features locally made pastries, bagels and soups. They even cover the entertainment and ambiance with more than just some corporately curated mix tape. You’ll often find yourself chilling out during an open mic night. They regularly welcome local musicians and comedians. And, if you’re lucky, you might just be around the shop for an evening of improv or a reading by local poets.



Oh, what a little coffee and conversation can do…

Black & Brass can warm you up on a cold day in February. They can help you slow down and enjoy a sunny July morning. Their ridiculously good coffee can bring you back to center on those days when everything’s just off. The rustic-industrial shop vibe may encourage you to say hello to that stranger who happens to take their Americano just like you. And the rest is just the beginning of a great story that began with a cup of coffee.

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