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Back to School

Well, we had a good run, summer, but I’m afraid it’s time to let you go.

The Last Hurrah

Sure, it’ll still be warm and I’m not quite ready to give up my shorts and flip flops, but the time has come. We must welcome September, and with it the start of school and the onslaught of pumpkin everything, whether we’re ready for it or not. For a great many of us, summer is officially over after this weekend.

We can spend these last days offering one long, sad goodbye to summer, or we can get out there and seize every final bit of fun.

Pack those bags, stock up on those notebooks and pens.

Get the school shopping done early and save yourself a little stress. Grab that one last hot dog at the ball park and zip down that crazy water slide one final time. Just don’t stay home. These summertime hot spots (water parks only) are shutting down for the season, but you’ve got one last chance to enjoy them before it’s too late.

Enter Fall looking Fresh


Back to School Shopping

Someone has to do the dirty work. And, in this case it’s not all that bad. When school starts, nothing says “I had a great summer” quite like a few new outfits. With Labor Day Weekend just a few days away, you’re guaranteed to find some great deals. Get everything you need and then some at these awesome NEPA shopping centers.

Take Pics, Share the Love and Spread the Fun

Little Rocky Glen Preserve


Let’s get some of this fantastic summer on record.

You’ve done it all this summer — explored our beautiful state parks, biked the trails and braved the cool white water. You certainly made the most of it. Now it’s time to share. Send us that shot of your little one holding her first frog or your pup enjoying the lawn sprinkler or the incredible pic you snapped of that unforgettable sunset. You took those photos for a reason. Share your NEPA summer with us at #DiscoverNEPA.

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