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A Bike Ride on the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail

Miles and Miles of Gorgeous Paved and Gravel Trail


Covering 70 miles in total, the Lackawanna River Heritage Trail is accessible from all over NEPA. The trail stretches from Pittston to Uniondale and connects to the D&H Rail Trail. Along the way, it runs through historic Scranton and Carbondale. Dozens of trailheads along the route offer easy access to the trail system. You’ll find entrances every few miles. Some, in popular stops like Forest City, Simpson, Jermyn and Dickson City. The Lackawanna Heritage Valley Authority (LHVA) owns and manages the trail. You’ll also often find volunteer groups lending a helping hand with trail maintenance.



The Lackawanna River Heritage Trail features a relatively flat grade, and it is perfect for a relaxing bike ride or jog on a warm, sunny day. The majority of the trail from Pittston to Carbondale offers a smooth, paved ride. In this stretch, you’ll also find quite a few active improvements taking place throughout the season. North of Carbondale, the Heritage Trail merges with the Delaware & Hudson Rail Trail. Here, the trail surface changes to a fine gravel. It also opens up a bit to offer plenty of room for passing cyclists and hikers.



Newly planted trees, sturdy fences, bridges and perfectly cut river overlooks display the dedication and hard work that goes into maintaining the trail. Whether you’re walking, jogging or on a bike, be sure to enjoy some of NEPA’s most beautiful scenery. And when you have a free weekend, join the ranks of volunteers who make this recreational gem truly shine. Look for opportunities with some of these local trail-loving organizations: The Heritage Explorer Bike Tour, Scranton Half-Marathon, Steamtown Marathon, Riverfest, the Great NEPA Clean-Up, and Electric City Runners.

Take a quick look at our ride, here:

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