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35 At-Home Activities for Families

Creative Ideas to Help Beat Boredom


With classes cancelled, chances are the kids are starting to get a little stir crazy. Okay, maybe they’re really stir crazy. You’ve played all the board games in the house, watched the same cartoons on repeat and maxed out on screen time. Now what?

No worries! We came up with 35 creative at-home activities that are fun for all ages. In these uncertain times, we could all use some smiles and laughs, so round up the kids and enjoy some good old-fashioned family memories.


35 Creative At-Home Activities


1. Build the most epic fort ever. Create a castle out of cardboard boxes or rig up a tent by draping old sheets and blankets over the furniture.

2. Have a DIY pizza night. Style points to whoever uses the most creative toppings.

3. Send a handwritten letter to a friend or family member, especially older relatives who could use a little extra love right now. The kids can practice their writing skills, and it will help brighten someone’s day.

4. Have a virtual story hour. Round up some friends and read your children’s favorite storybooks via video chat. You can also tune in to local libraries like the Abington Community Library, which are holding storytime on Facebook Live.

5. Set up a scavenger hunt. For younger children, hide items around the house to keep them searching for hours. For older kids, write out clues and riddles that will lead them to a small prize.

6. Plan the trip of a lifetime. The crazier, the better! Have the kids map out a route and choose their dream destinations. Add an educational twist by having them research each region, explore different cultures and calculate travel costs.

7. Cook up some competition by bringing your favorite cooking shows to life. See who can bake the most over-the-top dessert or challenge everyone to make a meal that uses a special ingredient.

8. Hold a board game championship. Pull out all the games in the house and see who can rack up the most wins. If you’re tired of all the games at home, design your own on a piece of posterboard.

9. Treat everyone with a spa day. Turn on some relaxing music, paint nails and take a bubble bath for the ultimate at-home pampering.

10. Create a scrapbook or photo album. No need for fancy craft supplies. Decorate the pages with pictures, ticket stubs, maps, postcards, brochures and any other mementos you can find.



11. Throw the ultimate arts and crafts session. You’ll find tons of projects on Pinterest and sites like Kids Craft Room.

12. Perform a family play. Younger kids can act out a favorite story or movie, while older kids can write their own scripts and make costumes and scenery.

13. Do Easter activities. Dye eggs, hold an egg hunt or bake a special holiday treat.

14. Celebrate a wacky national holiday. Websites like National Day Calendar have lists of special celebrations for every day of the month.

15. Teach the kids a skill that’s been passed down through the generations, like how to make a family recipe.

16. Go outside on a clear night and gaze at the stars. Free mobile apps like SkyView, Night Sky and Sky Safari that can identify constellations and planets just by pointing your device to the sky.

17. Dress up in your fanciest clothes and throw a tea party. Feel free to substitute hot cocoa or chocolate milk instead!

18. Set up an obstacle course in the backyard using hula hoops, jump ropes and everyday objects. The kids are sure to burn off their extra energy running, jumping and crawling their way to the finish.

19. Throw a family party just because. The kids can spend all afternoon making decorations, preparing snacks, building a playlist, planning games and more. In the evening, they can invite parents and siblings for a night of fun.

20. Have a spring picnic. Spread out a blanket in the yard, or hold one indoors for all the fun (and no ants).



21. Stream a live yoga class just for kids. Jaya Yoga in Clarks Summit is posting Little Yogis classes each day.

22. Film a YouTube video. Preteens and teens will have a blast recording their own cooking shows, hair and makeup tutorials, entertainment reviews and more.

23. Host a family talent show. Even better, start a video chat with friends so everyone can show off their skills.

24. Have breakfast for dinner. After all, pancakes are delicious no matter what time of day. Make sure everyone wears their finest PJs for the occasion.

25. Order a Pick Up Paint Kit from The Art Party Place in Wilkes-Barre. Check out their Facebook page for details.

26. Do a crazy science experiment. Make homemade slime, invisible ink or a classic fizzy volcano. There are tons of online resources and websites to get you started.

27. Teach your kids a game that you played growing up, like an old jump rope song.

28. Learn to do magic tricks.

29. Plant flower or vegetable seeds. Spring in NEPA is still a little chilly, so start by growing them indoors in a small container like an egg carton.

30. Let everyone pick out their favorite flicks for a family movie marathon.

31. Take a virtual tour of a famous museum or a national park. Google Arts and Culture has an enormous library of videos, digital exhibits and more.

32. Make the most out of screen time and learn to code. Tons of websites and apps offer coding games for kids. Check out resources like Code Combat and Khan Academy.

33. Go outside for a nature walk. See how many different kinds of birds you can spot or how many types of leaves you can collect. Keep an eye out for budding trees, flowers and other signs of spring.

34. Get out every Lego set you own and build the ultimate city.

35. Decorate cookies as a family. Local bakeries and restaurants like The Canning House, The Powerhouse Eatery and Jane’s Sugar Magnolia have been selling DIY cookie kits. Call or check online for availability.


And don’t forget, for all of our friends, families, and neighbors, continue observing all recommended health and safety precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

For more information, visit Geisinger’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

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