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10 Must-Try Knoebels Rides

Speed, Thrills, Scares & Classic Favorites Top Our List of Knoebels “Must-Try” Rides

For many in NEPA, just a casual mention of Knoebels in conversation, brings about a flood of good vibes. Their minds race back to long, sunny days at the park and tri-taters and fists full of arcade tickets. They remember fondly screaming their brains out the first time they rode the Phoenix. Maybe they recall chasing that cute boy or girl on the Bumper Cars, or when they finally heard their favorite song after their 12th time on the Cosmotron.

It’s simply care-free, family-fun at its best. And as the largest free-admission amusement park in the country, Knoebels has it all. You’ve got wooden and steel coasters for the thrill-seekers. There are dozens of kid-friendly rides for the whole family. And they even have a handful of unique, vintage attractions that tend to fuel the nostalgia seeker in us all. The park features over 60 rides for all ages. Add to that, countless carnival-style games, a pool, tons of delicious food and plenty of places to just sit, relax and people watch.

It just wouldn’t be a “normal” NEPA summer without that classic trip to Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg. And, when you go, there are a few rides that every visitor has to try (at least once). Check out our short list of absolute “Must-Try” Knoebels rides!

10 Awesome Rides at Knoebels:

  • Haunted Mansion

    Celebrate 50 years of silly scares, creepy crawlies creaking cars and that classic, old-fashioned haunted house vibe in this perennial park favorite.

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  • The Phoenix

    Experience the thrill of one of the most consistently, top-ranked wooden coasters in the world. Reach speeds of up to 45 mph as you take on the signature double humps.

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  • Pioneer Train

    Slow things down a bit with a ride on this classic 1.5-mile journey through tunnels, underneath coasters and water slides and into the dense forest surrounding the park.

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  • Twister

    This wooden speedster may not rival the Phoenix for age, but it certainly goes pound for pound when it comes to speed and tight, jarring turns.

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  • Grand Carousel

    Step back in time and reach for that brass ring on this meticulously, hand-carved, 100-year-old carousel complete with festive organ music. It also helps that it’s directly across from the legendary soft-serve ice cream stand.

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  • Giant Flume

    Prepare to be soaked on this epic log flume that courses its way along a gentle rolling river and directly into two intense drops. It’s perhaps the park’s most popular ride on a hot day.

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  • Giant Wheel

    Hop in a colorful gondola and take a break from the thrills and spills with a slow climb to the best view in the park on this beloved, 110-foot Ferris Wheel.

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  • Impulse

    Board, if you dare, the park’s most adrenaline-pumping coaster. Soar up a nearly 100-foot incline. Hang on for a 90-degree free fall and four upside-down twists – all at over 55 mph.

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  • Antique Cars

    Step back into the early 20th century with a ride on one of these spot-on Model T replicas. Enjoy a leisurely drive beneath the Phoenix and around the scenic, wooded areas of the park.

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  • StratosFear

    Take in sprawling views of the park and lush valley below while you can before you’re suddenly released into a 148-foot free fall at speeds of up to nearly 50 miles per hour.

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Article Updated from its Original Version Published on 8/11/2021.

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