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10 Luzerne County Pizza Places

Luzerne County is home to a diverse selection of pizza! From iconic sauces to pan-fried Sicilian crusts, check out these 10 popular places to order a pie or tray.

  • 1. Sabatini’s Pizza

    Exeter, PA

    Stick with the classics or pick up a specialty pie from this legendary, family-owned pizza joint in Exeter. They also offer gluten-free options and a new cauliflower crust pie.

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  • 2. Pizza Perfect

    Trucksville, PA

    Stop by this landmark pizza joint in Trucksville for one of their signature Sicilian-style trays with golden, pan-fried crust and a delicate balance of sauce and cheeses. Cash only.

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  • 3. AmberDonia Bakery

    Kingston, PA

    Get to this old-world European style bakery in Kingston for their must-try artisan, wood fired pizzas. Choose from several unique pies with the option of sauce or no sauce.

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  • 4. Grotto Pizza

    Harveys Lake, PA

    Make your way out to “the lake” for a tried-and-true classic pie at this local favorite in Harveys Lake. Enjoy a variety of specialty round pies, or check out their pillowy Sicilian tray.

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  • 5. Franco’s

    Wilkes-Barre, PA

    This popular Wilkes-Barre pizza joint has been slinging dough since 1975. Head downtown for a true New York style pie, or be a little adventurous and try one of their famous gourmet pizzas.

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  • 6. Pizza L’Oven

    Exeter, PA

    This family-owned spot in Exeter has been dishing out their tasty fried Sicilian trays for almost fifty years. Get them in 7 or 14-cut trays and customize them with any number of toppings.

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  • 7. The Dough Company

    Wilkes-Barre, PA

    It’s all about the homemade dough at this popular Wilkes-Barre pizza shop. it doesn’t hurt that the sauce is also scratch-made. Get gluten-free, dairy-free and whole wheat options as well.

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  • 8. Uncle Joe’s Pizza & Subs

    Pittston Twp., PA

    Pick up a New York style round pie the size of a truck tire at this local favorite pizza stop in Pittston Twp. Keep an eye out for rotating monthly specials.

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  • 9. Mia Via Restaurant & Bar

    Luzerne, PA

    Get to this old-school Italian restaurant in Luzerne and make sure it’s a night when they’re offering pizza. They offer traditional, baked Sicilian trays with homemade sauce.

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  • 10. Napoli’s Pizza

    Pittston, PA

    You can’t go wrong with pizza recipes directly from Italy at this Main Street favorite in Pittston. Look for traditional and specialty pies and make sure you try the famous Grandma Pizza.

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