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10 Fun Things To Do At Home (for Grown-Ups)

A Partially-Serious List of At-Home Activities for Keeping Busy During These Trying Times (for Grown-Ups)

Enjoy these helpful tips for ways to stay busy and entertained as we follow recommended guidelines on social distancing and self-isolation.

Many of us are working from home. We’re limiting our excursions outdoors to specifically essential tasks. And we’re all doing quite a good job of it. But, let’s be honest. There are only so many shows to binge, books to read, games to play…etc. In fact, at this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if several of you have devoted a few hours to organizing and hosting the International Congress of Cats. No? Well, of course, some of you recorded footage of the historic meeting between President Dog and the Squirrel Delegation. Who wouldn’t? You just never know when history will unfold right before your eyes. No, again? Are you sure?

Fine. Maybe you’re not there yet. But, mark my words. You will be. And when you are, you’ll be looking for a way out, just like me. Luckily, you have DiscoverNEPA and this handy list of 10 great, fun ways to keep busy (when you run out of other ideas).


Ten Awesome Time-Killing Activities to Kill Time During Troubling Times, Etc.


1. Cooking – So, by now, you’ve mastered frozen pizza. You can cook canned beans six ways to Sunday. And you’re about one toast-inspired dish away from just going for it and trying the cat food. Take a beat. Watch Claire make some really cool stuff, and then go ahead and try for yourself. Or don’t and just keep watching videos. Who cares?

2. Baking – A lot of our grandparent’s favorite treats were born when times were lean. And that’s why they all taste like dusty raisin rocks. No thanks. You got that flour and sugar? Grab the chocolate chips – oh, and the booze and those rotten bananas. I’m making this up. I don’t know how to bake, but these guys have made their online classes free. Let’s go learn.

3. Exercise – Let’s face facts here. Working from home is just a cute way of saying you’re doin’ hard time in a max security prison of carbs. Before committing to that twinkie shaped tear drop tat, try streaming a free online exercise class. Go ahead and sweat that shame away, baby.

4. Crafts – Not to sit here pointing fingers, but I know you have tons of cardboard toilet paper rolls. Here’s a handy video showing you a bunch of useless craft ideas for them. At the end, they teach you how to make a toilet paper time machine so you can go back and slap yourself for wasting a good 20 minutes.

5. Organize – We’re not talking about judging your things on whether or not they “spark joy.” Honestly, none of us even know what that means. Just get it together. You know you’ve been putting it off since you moved in. Now’s the time, child. Put in that work.

6. Clean Out the Closet – When things get back to semi-normal, there will likely be a great need for charitable donations of all kinds. Your old sweaters and corduroys could go a long way. Face down that little “shopping problem” that we don’t speak of. Bag up all those outfits you’ll never wear again and put them to good use. Just check with your donation center first, okay.

7. Play Games – Who would have thought it would take a global social distancing effort to make us want to talk to each other again? Miss your friends? Get together on one of many popular social gaming communities. Trust me. If you’re interested in keeping people at least six feet away, you might as well learn from the masters.

8. Make Up Your Own Dance – Be honest. You’ve been feeling restless. You’re on the 97th cycle of your playlist. At this point, your heart beat has synched to it. Your muscles reverberate with this strange, new passion for bouncing. The music is in you now. Embrace it. Then release it through dance. And, if you’re looking for some serious, professional tips. We got them all right here.

9. Pay Bills – Haha. Yeah right. No, I mean… I guess you can do it if you’re really bored. Like, it’s something we have to do, right? Man, this got really depressing. LoL. Here’s a useful calculator.

10. Virtual Brunch – Someday soon, we’ll again raise our glasses. And those glasses will, in fact, be bottomless. And into those glasses will flow golden rivers of endless mimosas. Yes, we will brunch again. For now, we’ll just have to do it virtually. Get all your baddies together. Flip this video conferencing software on its head and rock brunch like the Brady Bunch.


And don’t forget, for all of our friends, families, and neighbors, continue observing all recommended health and safety precautions to prevent the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19).

For more information, visit Geisinger’s Coronavirus Resource Center.

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