Robert K. Mericle

Founder of DiscoverNEPA

A Message From Our Founder, Robert K. Mericle - DiscoverNEPARobert K. Mericle is the Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services. Since its inception in 1985, the full-service commercial/industrial land development company has become one of Northeastern Pennsylvania’s largest and most successful homegrown businesses.

In 2017, Rob Mericle created DiscoverNEPA, a multi-media marketing campaign designed to promote Northeastern Pennsylvania. DiscoverNEPA produces video, photography and written media aimed at delivering a vision of the region in its most positive light.

Mericle’s intrepid marketing project focuses directly on the 10-county region we call home. DiscoverNEPA’s mission is to celebrate Northeastern Pennsylvania as one of America’s greatest places to live, work and play.

Under Robert Mericle’s leadership, the DiscoverNEPA team has built one the region’s most recognizable and consumer-friendly quality of life resources. Since officially launching in May of 2018, has maintained a library of thousands of active amenity pages and professional photos, produced hundreds of high-quality promotional videos, articles and stories, hosted over a dozen interns from local colleges, received several awards from the American Advertising Association, and established a coveted social media presence. Through this expansive, grass-roots project, Mericle intends to continue sharing Northeastern Pennsylvania’s incredible story.

For nearly 40 years, Robert Mericle, the Mericle family and Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services have exhibited a strong dedication to serving the community. Mericle and his companies focus their philanthropic and volunteer efforts on youth programs and activities, educational opportunities, healthcare initiatives, aid to the economically disadvantaged, community park upgrades, and regional economic development programs.

Additionally, through DiscoverNEPA, Mericle has created a comprehensive Support a Cause Directory. This informative resource provides an interface wherein local nonprofit organizations, local businesses and residents can connect, share information and work together toward a better future.

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